CR7 Chapter 5, Village Green, 2017
Iterations of the destruction of a surface
Opera: Passion, Power and Politics. Village Green, V&A.
Strings, Aug-Oct 2017
Surfaces, August 2017
Village Green, Various, early 2017
A Gradual Decimation of Heads
Overhead Cables, Seven Sisters
Empty Gas Holder
Wyndham Road
Experiment Stuff
Barbican Classical Music Season 2017
Landscapes 1
Landscapes 2
Landscapes 3
Landscapes 4
Luca Penalty Kick
Head Break
Adidas Predator Instinct: The Game
Vanishing Skies
Just Particles
Portraits in Motion
Animation Studies
Gothic Window Tracery
Venture Three, Various
Village Green, Clouds
Village Green, Jean Paul Gaultier
100 Frames
Village Green, Various
Village Green, Nike Club Kits
Village Green, Nike Club Kits
Village Green, Nike Club Kits
Life Studies
British Gymnastics
Architectural Studies
Still Life
Modelling Various
Creative Review August 2014